Or, "How does this work?"


1. It starts with a Conversation

You've thought about how cool it would be to have a great, small space to relax in, entertain friends, write your novel or travel the backroads. Our first formal consultation starts uncovering the elements that will turn that dream into a reality.

By phone, Skype or in our offices, we'll guide you through a series of topics to help refine the key elements of your project. Sure, we'll spend time talking about trailer sizes, appliances, bathrooms and other physical characteristics that matter -- but what really starts to hone the plan is how you imagine your future self enjoying the new space. It's the who, what, where, when and why of your dream that we want to understand.

There's a craft to building or restoring trailers -- and there's an art to getting it absolutely right for you.

2. Initial Concepts and Layout

We'll take what we've learned and start the hunt for the perfect trailer to build your dream on (it may already be in our yard, in which case it's more like a leisurely stroll v. a hunt). If you've already got the trailer, great! We create a simple, easily understood and efficient set of layouts to see how the physical elements fit and to give you a feel for form and function of the space.

Once we've got the layouts right and the trailer inspected we'll be able to develop a preliminary budget and project timeline. 


IMG_8186 (1).JPG

3. Design Ideas: Colors, Textures, Shapes and Finishes

This is when you start to see the dream taking on form.

We'll create a design board that lets you experience how the materials you'll see and touch - walk on, sit on, sleep on -- feel to you. You may be surprised at some of your choices and we love that. There are always refinements to be made as we go along and that's okay, it's part of the process.

In the end, we've got a design plan you're in love with and that we can't wait to build for you. 

4. Detailed Specifications and Budget Estimate

One last step before we start the build -- we create a detailed list of the materials, parts, appliances and fixtures that'll go into your project. We'll also estimate labor hours and combine it all into a refined project estimate of cost and schedule.

All projects are billed on a time and materials basis and our agreement with you will reflect an agreed upon scope, and a target budget estimate and schedule.

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5. Then we Build.

All restoration projects then follow the same general path from startup to completion:

1. Trailer Inspection and Demolition - We identify unique issues to be addressed and remove elements that aren't a part of the new vision. Sanitizing what remains ensures a clean, fresh smelling base to build on.

2. Repairs and Infrastructure -- Here's where we fix or replace things that are going to matter later (body skin damage, frame or driveline issues, windows, etc) and install embedded infrastructure like wiring, tanks, plumbing and insulation.

3. Floors, Walls and Ceiling -- These elements form the cocoon you'll live in and are the backdrop to all the fun design stuff. Getting the fit and finish right is critical.

4. Cabinets, Fixtures and Appliances -- The layout takes shape during this key finish carpentry phase. Sight lines, heights of benches and countertops, widths of hallways, placement of lighting fixtures and the all-important flow all become apparent. This is a big milestone and always a great time for a visit.

5. Soft Furnishings -- After a final detailing, upholstery and window coverings are fitted and installed.

6. Walk-through and Punch List -- This is always a highlight for the project team -- we get to show you your pristine new space and demonstrate how everything functions. It's also a chance to make sure we've met all of your requirements for final delivery.