Hanging out in style

One of the rarest and most desirable vintage trailers out there, the Holiday House features amazing mid-century modern exterior styling. A new mid mod styled interior created a great hangout.

DSC_0169 (1).jpg

Shapes and finishes

A custom table with a serious nod to an iconic shape; Ferrari leather upholstery; Zebrawood cabinet veneers; seagrass wall covering; classic linoleum flooring (in orange!); and a fantastic client that let us do our thing. Three trailers so far and counting, re-imagined and crafted for this collector client.

IMG_6761 (1).jpg

Classic details, great history

There's no doubt that the Holiday House is a perfect reflection of the jet age in which it was originally designed and built. It's history is a great story that includes humanitarian ideals, fruit and fire (google it if you haven't heard it yet) that all contributed to this being one of the rarest trailers from the period. There are maybe 20 still around. We've been lucky enough to own two of them.

IMG_4146 (2).jpg

Peeling back the layers

We don't often feature "before" photos because really, who wants to see how the sausage is made. In this case though, the contrast between the starting and ending points emphasizes the length of the journey that a rare, beautifully designed vintage trailer deserves.